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The Discovery Museum offers many thematic, hands-on exhibits. New exhibits are regularly rotated into the museum.

S.S. Discovery- Climb aboard and become the captain of a 20 foot tall ship! Turn the ship’s wheel, radio down to people in the galley below, and return to land by sliding down a twisty slide.

Grocery Store- Shop for produce, place your items on the conveyor belt, and total your purchases on the cash register in this kid-sized grocery store.

Kid Power!- By pedaling a bicycle you can make enough power to light a street signal!

Raceways- Can you get the golf ball upside down through the loop? Race golf balls on these dual raceways and see the force of gravity in action.
Wind, Water, Weather- See how wind and weather combine to help create the weather you see and feel with a series of exhibits including a 30 square foot water table. Discover how lightning is made and how air pressure works.


Optical Illusion Room- Step into the dark room and watch your shadow appear before your eyes on a glow-in-the-dark shadow wall, and change the color of the room around you.

Simple Machines- Discover how simple machines make work easy. Can a child really lift an adult off the ground? See how a simple machine can do it!

Young Discoverer’s Room- Especially for children three years and younger, this room offers books, toys, mirrors, and furniture designed just for infants and toddlers.

Puzzles- These challenging brain teasers can keep both kids and adults busy for hours. Break the heart free from the arrow or get all tied up in the rope puzzle